Managing the Present to Plan for the Future
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According to Statistics Canada university tuition fees have increased on average 9.6% since 1990. This year the average Canadian undergraduate will have to pay $5,015 for tuition. When you add in books and living expenses this becomes a very expensive venture.

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) - a type of savings account that grows tax-free until the child attends post secondary education -up to $4000 can be contributed to a child's RESP per year

Canadian Education Savings Grant (CESG) - financial incentive to save for a child's education - this grant is paid for by the governement and goes directly into the existing RESP - the amount depends on your income, but it provides at least 20 cents for every dollar contributed

Learning Bond - government available to modest-income families to encourage them to start saving for their child's education

Please contact our office to discuss these and many other ways to "manage the present to plan for the future" and start the process of saving for a child's future.

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Managing the Present to Plan for the Future

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