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Insurance provides "peace of mind" and "comfort" that if anything bad should happen, you and your family would be taken care of financially. Insurance Companies charge a monthly or yearly premium and upon an apporoved claim, they provide you with a lump sum or monthly income stream. There are many types of insurance. The right type of insurance for you depends on your needs.

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Life Insurance (Life) - Life Insurance may provide your beneficiary with a lump sum benefit at the time of your death. This amount can be used to eliminate debt, mortgages, funeral costs, as well as provide income for your family, children’s education or favourite charities.

Disability Insurance (DI) - DI is an income replacement insurance. It provides you with a monthly benefit, which is used to replace or supplement your loss of income because of injury or sickness.

Great-West Life Disability Insurance Visit the Great-West website

Critical Illness Insurance (CI) - CI fills the gap between life insurance and disability insurance. If you have a life threatening illness and survive, Life insurance does not pay and the monthly benefit on your Disability Insurance may not cover the costs for treatments and income replacement. CI Insurance will provide you with a lump sum benefit to spend as you see fit.

Group Insurance (Group) - Group Insurance, which is provided through your business or employer, is an efficient way of gaining Health, Dental, Life and Disability all in one package.

Long Term Care Insurance (LT) - LT Care Insurance provides you with a daily benefit to cover the cost of Health or Personal Care Services resulting from the inability to care for yourself.

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Managing the Present to Plan for the Future

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